at the end of every spring semester i think to myself, “yay summer! now i’ll have the time to do the things i can’t do during the school year!” but that never really works out as planned. this summer was no exception – though it has been more productive than past breaks. still, considering that i’ve worked the least this summer than i have since – well – before i started working, the list isn’t all that impressive. and “keeping my blog up to date” is DEFINITELY not on there =/

so i guess i should say, thank goodness school is starting. now i’ll have the time to do the things i didn’t do during the summer!

what i did on my summer break

by marisa nelson

watched “battlestar galactica” in it’s entirety


read  Don Delillo’s “White Noise” (highly recommend!)

white nizzle

went to great america once


went to southern california twice

highway 5

attended my bridal shower!


hung out with curt and audie


planned a wedding (uh, still in progress)


….and that’s pretty much it. not super impressive. but also not too bad(?) i also reorganized all of our closets and various shelving units – actually i’m pretty proud of that. anyway… yay summer!!