this is a rough time of year.

san francisco is still – for the most part – rainy and cold, yet there have been enough spring-like days to remind one of how good the sun feels. seeing pictures of so cal friends in tank tops and shorts leaves me envious – i mean, isn’t this california too??

i really shouldn’t complain tho, one of the main reasons i moved back to the bay was because southern california is too. effing. HOT. ugh.

right now, however, that doesn’t sound too bad….

for example, this is what easter looked like:

not that we spent easter buying flooring (that would have been weird),

or hanging out at twin peaks (which is bar and would have been fun but weird in a different way).

but those pictures give you an idea of what we were dealing with. i guess it doesn’t REALLY matter tho, as we all know the true meaning of easter:

but mainly:


aaaannd last but not least:

i cut my hair!

bye for now!