it’s that time again! here they are, my top albums of 2010. it was a wonderful year in music!

1. arcade fire, “the suburbs” – i know. predictable. but come on, it’s amazing – i even loved “mountains beyond mountains” –  never thought i’d say (type) it, but girlfriend had the best song on the album. the rest of the time, though, i wanna punch her…..  wanna punch her so much….

2. cocorosie , “grey oceans” – cocorosie always makes my list (well when they have a current album). they are so weird and lovely and amazing. the bonus track “st. michael” is the best dancey jam of the year!!

3. black keys, “brothers” – “i’m not the one”, over and over and over. i came late to this one but here it is at #3 – better late than never, amiright???

4. best coast, “crazy for you” – definitely the cutest album/girl of the year.

5. the new pornographers, “together” – i was never big on this wonderful band, i love neko so much. but their happy and witty tunes are a nice alternative to neko’s beautiful meloncholy, and i love her harmonies – definitely rediscovered them this year.

6. josh ritter, “so runs the world away” – thanks “bored to death” for finally gettin me on the josh ritter train!

7. mumford & sons, “sigh no more” – break out band alert! what beauty.

8. joanna newsom, “have one on me” – i love her, i will always, she’s amazing. you either love her or ya don’t, and i love her oh so much (i guess i already said that).

9. beach house, “teen dream” – wow. when did they get so awesome?

10. local natives, “gorilla manor” – another break out, and just another reminder that 2010 was pretty rad, music-wise.

11. sufjan stevens, “the age of adz” – not as good as usual sufjan, but good ambient tunes and definite stand out tracks (“too much” in particular).

dropped the ball on:

belle & sebastian, “write about love”. wtf. it’s BELLE & SEBASTIAN.. i blow.

looking forward too:

PAUL SIMON!! OKKERVIL RIVER!! two of my favorites in 2011!!

honorable mentions:

spoon, “transference” – nothing can top “gimme fiction” though…

jenny & johnny, “i’m having fun now” – the show in which jenny and i shared a “moment”. i waited almost a decade for that!

well there ya have it. i probably forgot stuff, but like i said 2010 was pretty awesome…. hard to keep track of it all, and that is a wonderful thing 🙂 happy new year to you all!