yet another list with 25 pieces of information, courtesy of facebook. yeah…. facebook.


i’ve been tagged in this 25 thing a few times, so i guess i am going to do it. behold!:

1. my favorite flowers are gerber daisies.

2. when i was little my favorite song was “man eater” by hall and oates. except i thought it was called “mandarin eater” and that it was about a panther, and that the artist was “haulin’ oats”

3. i hate zach braff for ruining the shins.

4. i want to die a slow death due to being smothered by various marc jacobs pieces.

5. i think i have really good taste in music, and don’t need to hear otherwise. ha.

6. i want to be a photographer, but sometimes feel overwhelmed by my desire to be a photographer. you see the problem here.

7. really bad teen slasher movies are a guilty pleasure, but like most guilty pleasures, tend to leave me feeling strangely empty inside.

8. no matter where i end up, san francisco will always be home. ya know, i left my heart and shit….

9. kurt vonnegut, jr. is my hero.

10. i think about humanism.

11. i started a twitter account!

12. i think we should all consider what ron paul has to say.

13. i was in school then left school then went back and changed my major a few times…. i think i’ll graduate at the end of the year. woot!

14. i think i have reverse S.A.D. disorder: i get depressed when the weather is warm and beautiful for too long.

15. i love clothes….. and shoes. and jackets and bags. sigh.

16. i need everything to be aesthetically pleasing. it’s exhausting. (i didn’t mean that as condescending as it sounds…..)

17. my new flat iron is RAD.

18. i love my cat a lot, but not in a crazy cat lady way. despite what people might say.

19. i like eating ice, much to sean’s chagrin.

20. i can’t touch cotton balls – they freak me out, i hate the texture. ew.

21. immediately upon moving to southern california i wanted to move back north…. and then ended up staying for eight years. but the friends i made were worth ANOTHER eight =)

22. i hate myself for using emoticons as much as i do (see above).

23. i really like not having a car, no matter how much i complain about muni. yay zip car!

24. everyone should read “the god of small things” by arudhati roy.

25. everyone should listen to okkervil river.